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• To be the leading hub for knowledge in the application of Automation, IoT and Robotics (AIR) technologies, catalyzing adoption to enhance business value in the region.

•Upgrade Robotics, IOT and AI skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.
•Enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives for technical skill development through appropriate engagement models; strive for significant operational and marketing involvement.
•Creating demand by bringing financing, particularly in sectors where market mechanisms are ineffective or missing.
•Establish India as a hub for Robotics and Automation, innovation, products and technology start-ups.
•Be an industry platform for sharing and building best practices and collaborative engagement.

About TPCRATrade Promotion Council Of Robotics & Automation (TPCRA) is the not for profit apex body representing Robotics and Automation and Information Technology sector. TPCRA is recognized by both the Government, as well as the industry, for its role in the growth and development of the Robotics and Automation and Information Technology sector. At TPCRA, we believe that technology is the primary contributor of economic growth and with our consistent policy advocacy efforts; we have emerged as a strong and effective industry mouthpiece, within government corridors.Headquartered in New Delhi and with key affiliates across the globe, TPCRA offers a wide range of programs and services to Robotics and Automation Sector as well as the entire ICT industry across the Globe. These initiatives include organizing various exhibitions, conferences, seminars, training sessions, and workshops; policy representation; domestic & international marketing support; technology initiatives; publishing industry related information in targeted publications; networking opportunities; and many other industry-directed services. 

Pillars of TPCRA:
i. Mentoring- TPCRA is known for mentoring education and networking to help entrepreneurs and those starting new business. Every day, someone is mentored with the TPCRA ecosystem and guided towards the right path to achieve great heights. Besides creating wealth the organization also work to alleviate poverty and unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship worldwide.
ii. Knowledge- TPCRA through its community development portal, publications and various events and conferences gathers a lot of knowledge that is being imparted to the Industry to update their knowledge.
iii. Networking- TPCRA conference attendees span the spectrum from successful founders of mature companies, entrepreneurs creating new companies, professional from top corporations leading venture capital firms to thought leaders to senior executives and technology Professionals.
iv. Incubation- TPCRA State and District Chapters often assist start-ups by offering those incubators space or subsidized services by Sponsor and partners.
v. Investing- TPCRA works over demand generation and time to time it creates platforms for Investors and start-up companies where both meet interact and understand the requirement of each other followed by business and investment.