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Let's Hear From Mr. Rajiv Bordoloi, Director of TPCRA World what he has to say about District Associate

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Benefits to District Associate (DA) :

 All these Technologies which our Associates consult are broadly categoried as Future Technologies and will be there for next 10-15 years as this is just the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution. So Associate has a good oppourtinity and scope or consulting SCHOOLS, COLLEGES and also participate and be a part of the INDUSTRY round tables, seminars and GOVERNMENT projects and implementation.

 No need to appoint large staff, only 3 will do. District Associate (DA) can appoint one tele-support executive for appointments and communication to schools (mandate) & colleges and one field representative i.e. Business Manager (advisable and mandate) and one Promotion Executive, which can be the Office Boy also.

 No need to have big office set up. Correspondence office will be required for all communication. As it is primarily a Business2Business scope and not dealing retail clients (students). So services will be deployed at the School or Colleges directly.

 Training and other continuous

support will be provided by Authorized Associates of TPCRA like National Chairman or State Chairman or TPCRA directly time to time as per Training Calendar and requirements as felt by TPCRA. 

TPCRA has licensed selected individual & professionals and organizations around the Pan-India & World to offer the unique and best solutions  that are designed by the Global market Leaders, to ensure that the Quality meets the TPCRA expectation and a global benchmark.

TPCRA is proud to offer this expanded opportunity for industry professionals, and professionals from education sector background to travel the path to success by getting authorised license as State Chairman or District Associate. 

Call Contact-

1. Ms. Fatma Khan, Asstt. Director- South & East India 9654231846 ​

2.Mr. Deepak Kumar, Asstt. Director- North & West India 9716123801

Also to apply for TPCRA-State Chairman / District Associate download Proposal for both by clicking the below respective box.The entire vertical of Associate and Professional Services is Headed by Mr.Ritesh Shrivastava, Director- Channels +91. 9650050990


TPCRA & IBA Signed MoU For Various Courses  of Blockchain & CoE

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Industry Partnerships

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c partner
D Partner
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