Welcome to the future

DRAGONCHAIN, USA Platform works for beginners and seasoned developers alike. The Academy provides a training framework that allows students to develop skills based on their needs and level of experience. Obtain blockchain proficiency at your own pace, on your own schedule, and to the degree of expertise that suits you.

Dragonchain Academy is more than an education program with blockchain courses, it is built from the ground up to incorporate the technology in every aspect of its design.

1. Qualified
Learn from industry leaders that use and build on this breakthrough technology on a daily basis.

2. Tokenized
Earn tokens by completing courses and use them to access resources in the Dragonchain ecosystem.

3. Borderless
Engage with courses in all regions of the world.

4. Accessible
Get started at no cost and earn free or reduced access to higher-level courses based on your performance.

Before taking all 8 Certifications from DRAGONCHAIN, USA, Click the below button and fill in the details once you receive a confirmation email send it to